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Performing on the soccer field requires more than just physical skills and ability.  Players must be able to process information quickly and effectively and use that information to diagnose solutions to problems presented by the game.  Each match is filled with a myriad of decisions, those that make the most good decisions achieve the greatest.  Individual physical attributes provide advantages and disadvantages to all players but are largely outside a player’s personal control.  Maximum effort and determination are a minimum requisite for high level players, but what separates the best players is their understanding and application of the principles of the game within match situations.

The Mindful Soccer Method recognizes this reality and seeks to train players minds in addition to their bodies.  Training activities seek to teach player understanding while simultaneously training the physical techniques required to perform.  Our goal is to create a comprehensive and progressive learning environment centered around developing technical and psychological skills with a tactical overlay.

Additionally, efforts are made for Mindful Soccer Method trainers to coordinate with player’s team coaches and other influencers outside of MSM training.  Identifying areas that need improvement or helping a player learn the components of positional play within a team.  MSM is interested in helping players achieve their goals within the game of soccer and understands that this requires a holistic understanding of players opportunities and their soccer environment.  MSM training is intended to supplement players participation with team environments in club and school soccer.

Each MSM trainer brings their own history and perspective to their training.  Players who participate in MSM training over significant periods of time may learn from different trainers and gain from multiple perspectives.

MSM training is not intended for entry level or inexperienced players.  Novice players should look to participate in local soccer club programming to gain the foundations of the game before seeking to train the more advanced lessons of the Mindful Soccer Method.  MSM is designed to work with advanced players from the U11 age group and older.

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